November 2nd

Life Table Construction

Constructed a Life Table Using "Rules of Thumb" and Dr. Schmertmann's Cookbook

We must first construct mortality rates using outside source:

nmx(y1,y2) =

[(# of deaths, ages x-(x+n))/(y1 to y2)]
[(person-years lived x-(x+n))/(y1 to y2)]

Mortality rates do not tell us how long an individual born in that year will live

We need "m to q" conversion formulas:
q=(m*n)/[(1+m)n-a] where q is the probability of dying

Rules of Thumb about nax values:
2.4a1=1.5 (last, open interval)
4.nax=n/2 (for every other interval)

1. Calculate nmx from external sources
2. Fill in "a" column using rules of thumb
3. Use m to get q
4. Use q to get l
5. Use l to get d
6. Use l, a, d to get L
7. Use L to get T (calculate by summing from from bottom up)
8. Use T,l to get e